• Inspection & Testing

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      Leading edge technology is used in every aspect of Belongs manufacturing process to ensure quality products are delivered to customers. All of the products are 100% optically inspected by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems that minimized the possibility of human error. X-ray services provide our customers with reliable products, where ordinary inspection tools can’t be used, specifically with BGA components.

    • We provide:

      ·IPC-610E PCBA inspection standard  
      ·SPC(Statistical Process Control) method   
      ·FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis)  
      ·Material RoHS compliant Inspection  
      ·Automatic Optical Inspection(AOI)  
      ·X-ray Inspection and rework  
      ·In-circuit Testing (ICT)  
      ·Function Testing (FCT)  
      ·Burn-In Testing  
      ·Environmental Testing   
      ·Safety, EMC Certification Testing  
      ·Testing Development (Equipment & Methods)
    • Quality Assurance

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    • Quality Control

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